Our goal is to help Pomeranian lovers receive beautiful, happy and healthy pups that they can love for a lifetime!

We started cutest Pomeranian after discovering that the Pomeranians from Thailand were incredibly cute, with their sweet bear faces, luxurious fur, cute little noses and teacup size. After researching and contacting breeders, we discovered top class Thai breeders that are dedicated to providing puppies that are raised in great conditions, under high quality control standards.

In order to offer these amazing puppies to people worldwide, we created cutest Pomeranian.com. This allowed us to connect with people across the world looking to own the adorable puppies. We then developed a fast and efficient  process, where clients could easily find their dream puppy, place a deposit, then have the dog shipped directly to them by a pet-friendly airline.To help create the best experience for our customers, we offer top class customer service from helping you select the perfect Pomeranian for you.

We genuinely enjoy the smiles that we bring to new Pomeranian owners every time they receive their lovable puppy, which is why we are committed to providing these delightful little puppies to owners around the world in a simple, hassle-free manner

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can get in touch with one of friendly and professional team members via the Contact Us Page.


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